Amphora Cafe

91 Maunganui Rd
Mt Maunganui
07-574 1574

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  1. WILL NEVER EAT HERE AGAIN based on service received 11/11/11 and the rude, dismissive, uneducated (in hospitality customerservice) Manager. Beyond Disgusted. Waiter: “Oh yeah, we’re out of the special on Steak.”
    Us: Really ? Almost every motel in Mount sold out for FOMA conference and your sold out of your special board steak on Friday night at 7.45pm ? Bad ordering huh. So the Cappo, how many prawns with that ?
    Waiter: “Three”
    Dinner for 2. Entree Mussels and Main Steak for both of us please, both Med Rare and another beer thanks. 15 minutes later had flag down and to ask different waitress where the beverage was. She couldn’t speak english, was slightly confused, but we got there in the end.
    1 Entree arrived 10 minutes before the other. Without a fingerbowl or plate to dispose of shells onto. Items requested. The the 2nd Entree arrived. Same problem, they obviously didn’t learn from the first order.
    Mains arrived. Manager within first bite came out “is everything ok” “seems to be so far” was the response. Once plate pulled apart, noticable difference in size of his portion of steak to mine. Only two prawns. After spending five minutes with my hand in the air trying to wave down ANY waiter I could (no seriously, I was getting cramp!) the only explanation the (yet another) waiter gave us was “uh sorry, I don’t know why they’re smaller”. This turned out to be our saving grace actually, as his steak (larger) was Blue (Raw) nowhere near Med Rare. Unable to actually eat. So he tucked into mine while we waited again for another waiter to appear.. they finally did at the end of the meal. We advised him we were not happy with Rare meat and his reply was ‘shall i get the chef to recook this’ – this was 9pm, beyond hungry we said “no thanks we’re leaving”.
    When I queried our worst ever dining experience with the manager she said “you ate one steak and you sliced into the other, therefore I don’t see you problem, and you need to pay all of your bill in full” when asked why the size difference in steak she advise “they all weighed” when asked about the wait for entrees she just didn’t have a resonse that wasn’t trying to yell at me and tell me to pay the bill.
    Easy fix lady would have been to say “sorry about that, we’ll attempt to fix next time, have a beer for free on us” but NO she continued to be EXTREMELY RUDE, DISRESPECTFUL and UNGREATFUL. Distroying any reputation that Mike had built up for that place !

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